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Weed removers

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joint scraper 2-in-1 combisystem 25 x 14.5 cm blue


The blue 2-in-1 combination system grout scraper from Gardena is a smart tool for removing weeds and moss easily and effortlessly. The tool has a sturdy and thin stainless steel blade designed for use..

Out Of Stock

joint scraper 26 x 7 x 3 cm wood/metal


Kinzo joint scraper Removing weeds between the tiles is a tricky job. But with this joint scraper you can effortlessly Kinzoremove the deep-rooted weeds. Because of its light weight, this grout scrap..

Out Of Stock

joint scraper 3-in-1 combination system 23.5 x 13.4 cm blue


This blue 3-in-1 grout cleaner from Gardena is an innovative, simple and versatile tool for removing weeds without unnecessarily damaging the flora and fauna in your garden. Three functions are combin..

joint scraper 31 cm green 2 pieces


Kinzo joint scraper Fine grout scraper suitable for Kinzoremoving moss or weeds in a quick and convenient way. The scrapers are supplied in pairs Specifications: Colour: green, black Gender: unisex..

Out Of Stock

lawn roller 50 x 110 cm steel dark green


Perel lawn roller This Perel lawn roller ensures a beautiful, even garden at home! The roller can also be filled with sand or water, which gives extra pressure to the grass seed and thus promotes the..

Out Of Stock

pressure nozzle 5 litres PVC/RVS/polyethylene white/black


Toolland pressure nozzle This pressure sprayer from Toolland is ideal for liquids such as water, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, cleaning liquids, treatment products and so on. The pressure wash..

Out Of Stock

tile zipper 3,5 x 9,3 x 30,6 cm stainless steel/wood silver


Esschert Design tile zipper This tile zipper is a traditional garden tool for anyone with green fingers. The durable material selection ensures that this tool will last a long time. This tile zipper ..

weed brush with handle 36 cm wood brown


Pro Garden weed brush with handle Weeds are a thing of the past with this brush of Pro Garden! The brush also has a tile scraper, so you can also take care of the joints Specifications: Colour: brow..

Out Of Stock

weed burner 87 x 2,5 cm steel black/yellow


Toolland weedburner Remove weeds on your patio or driveway with the Toolland weed burner. By heating the weeds, it dries out and dies. Then you can easily remove. This weed burner makes no use of che..

Out Of Stock

weed burner gas 2.5 bar 870 mm steel silver


Velleman weedburner Weed burner that is environmentally friendly. The weed burner contains no chemicals and has an adjustable flame. Temperature is 1300 ° C. Specifications: Colour: silver, orange G..

Out Of Stock

weed burner rotatable 3-in-1 106 x 9 x 16 cm 230V green


Kinzo weed burner rotatable 3-in-1 Do you suffer from weeds? With this weed burner, that's a thing of Kinzothe past. Keep the burner above the weeds and you'll be rid of it in no time! This weed burn..

Out Of Stock

weed net 20 x 1 meter black


Gerimport weed net Never ugly weeds in your garden again? Then this product is perfect for you! This cloth does not let weeds through so your lawn stays looking neat and you have less effort to keep ..

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