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Water hoses and nozzles

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comfort broom for flower bed 22 cm PVC orange/grey


Gardena comfort broom for flower bed The Comfort Blossom for flower beds with soft adjustable spray jet is particularly suitable for watering flower and vegetable beds and larger planted areas in the..

Out Of Stock

comfort-blossom sensitive plants 29 cm PVC orange/grey


Gardena comfort broom for sensitive plants Flowers, fragile plants, herbs and delicate seedlings can be particularly gently sprayed with the comfort spray for fragile plants. The ergonomic handle wit..

Out Of Stock

extendable spray head eight positions 38 cm green/grey


Kinzo extendable nozzle Multifunctional spray head with thumb regulator for the garden hose. With the thumb regulator you can turn the spray head on and off. Because of the eight different positions ..

extendable spray head eight positions 45 cm green/grey


Kinzo extendable nozzle Multifunctional extendable spray head for the garden hose. Because of the eight different positions you can use it for different jobs. So you can water your plants or do clean..

Out Of Stock

Garden gutter kit for garden hose 4-piece green


ProPlus garden gutter for garden hose Specifications: Color: green Material: plastic Diameter: 21 mm and 26.5 mm Water stop: yes Length garden syringe: 13.5 cm Contents: 1 Crane connector 1 Garden s..

Out Of Stock

garden nozzle polypropylene 12,5 cm black/grey/blue


Pro Garden garden nozzle With this garden nozzle you Pro Gardencan easily water the garden. The spray head has one water level. The head is universal and can be placed on most garden Pro Gardenhoses...

Out Of Stock

garden shower 165-215 cm steel green/silver


OneTools garden shower Do you long for some cooling down during the hot summer days? A garden shower is the ideal solution! So you don't need a pool. The outdoor shower is a fantastic alternative whi..

Out Of Stock

garden sprinkler polypropylene 16 cm 5 positions blue


Pro Garden garden sprinkler With this garden sprinkler you Pro Gardencan easily water the garden. The sprinkler has five different water levels so you have a possibility for every situation to water ..

Out Of Stock

houseplant tool stainless steel / wood / glass 4-piece


Esschert Design houseplant-tools Traditional houseplant tool set for anyone with green fingers. The durable choice of materials ensures that these tools will last a long time. This set is the basis f..

Out Of Stock

knapsack sprayer 12 liters blue / black


Gardena backpack sprayer Thanks to a twelve-liter reservoir, you are very well equipped if you want to spray larger quantities. This makes it ideal for caring for plants such as fruit trees or even v..

Out Of Stock

nozzle head set 127/190 mm ABS black/blue 5-piece


Pro Garden nozzle head This universal spray head has seven different spray modes so you can use this spray set for any kind of plant or flower. The handy sprinkler comes with various adapters that ca..

Out Of Stock

nozzle head with 3 couplings grey/green


Kinzo nozzle head This nozzle set provides you with a nozzle and the couplings you may need. Specifications: Material: plastic Colour: grey/green Contents: 1 Nozzle head 3 Couplings..

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