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Adjustable Ringtone Volume
Adjustable Talk Volume
Answering machine
Anti Slip
App required for full functionality
Application cleaning agent
Automated Cord Rewinder
Baking accessory
Bathroom accessory
Bathroom textiles
Batteries required
Cabinet type
Candle burn time
Capacity Collection Reservoir
Cigarette accessory
Clothing Size
Connection voltage
Connects independently to internet
Control via mobile app
Cord length in meters
Cord Storage Space
Cover for
Cutlery accessory
Cutter type
Cutting board length
Cutting board width
Depth in cm
Diameter (cm)
Diameter in cm
Distance between light fixtures
Dust Intake Carpet
Dust Intake Hard Floors
Elements Tableware Set
Especially for Children
Especially for Nusery
Fire extinguisher type
Fire protection type
Fire rating
Fitted sheet length
Fitted sheet width
Folder type
Game type
Garden chair type
Gloves Size
Handsfree Calls
Headphone for
Height in cm
Helmet Size (head circumference)
Hose length
Hour indication
Illuminated Display
Illuminated Keys
In a Set
Including cable
Including frame
Including hangers
Including lamp
Including lid
Including washer
Indoor or outdoor
Ink colour
Inside depth
Inside width
Introduction month
Items of Clothing per Hanger
Key size
Kind of Christmas hanger
Kind of freshkeeping box
Kind of Hook
Language game
Learning Theme
Length cord until start light bulbs
Length in cm
Light protection class
Lighting control
Living theme
Manual language
Material cover
Material handle or handles
Mattress thickness
Max. carrying capacity
Maximum Capacity Vacuum Bag
Maximum Number of Handsets
Medical Tool
Memory card capacity
Memory card type
Microwave Safe
Mop type
Mouse shape
Non-stick coating
Number of Chargeable Batteries
Number of Consumer Units
Number of light points
Number of outputs
Number of persons
Number of photos
Number of pieces
Number of pieces in package
Number of pillowcases
Number Pieces In Package
Parasol type
Peeler type
Photo size length
Power connection
Product language
Qi certified
Quick Charge function
Radio controlled time
Sawing tool type
Scroll wheel
Seasonal collection
Seasonal year
Silent clockwork
Sound level
Space for Computer Keyboard
Sponge type
Squeegee type
Suitable for
Suitable for christmas baubles
Suitable for Christmas tree
Suitable for device
Suitable for dryer
Suitable for mouth mask
Suitable for operating system
Suitable for The Type of Clothing
Suitable for type of device
Suitable for type of mattress
Target audience
Tent width
Thickness cutting board
Thickness of nib
Thickness Sole
Toilet accessory
Type of ashtray
Type of baking mould
Type of bar glass
Type of barbecue accessory
Type of barbecue tool
Type of beer glass
Type of candle
Type of cap
Type of chair
Type of cleaning agent
Type of cleaning cloth
Type of climat control
Type of clock
Type of coffee accessory
Type of colander/sieve
Type of drinking glass
Type of floor
Type of floor wipe
Type of fork
Type of Healthcare Product
Type of heat source
Type of kitchen knife
Type of kitchen roll holder
Type of kitchen textiles
Type of leaf pick-up
Type of lid
Type of light source
Type of model
Type of Number Recognition
Type of organizer
Type of pencil
Type of pepper and salt mill
Type of pest control
Type of photo frame
Type of pillow
Type of plaid
Type of planter/flower pot
Type of plate
Type of sculpture
Type of sleeper
Type of spoon
Type of spotlight
Type of sprinkler
Type of storage box
Type of storage cover
Type of table
Type of tent
Type of tray
Type of waste bin
Type of water syringe
Type of weather instrument
Type of weed remover
Type storage unit
Volume in liters
Volume in ml
Wall Assembling
Warranty certificate language
Washing Instructions
Washing Instructions-Wash
Waste bin accessory
Watering part
Weed control
Weight Category
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Window decoration
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Wireless charging
With clip closure
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With wheels

Soap holders

Grid View:

bath set ceramic white 4-piece


Gerimport bath set This set of accessories is perfect for your bathroom! The set consists of a soap holder, soap dispenser and two cups. They are made of earthenware and the accessories have cute lit..

Out Of Stock

elegance soap dish holder 11 x 2 cm stainless steel matt silver


Kela Elegance soap block holder This soap block holder from the Elegance series is entirely made of high quality stainless steel. The holder is ideal for the bathroom to give your soap a permanent pl..

Out Of Stock

multifunctional Drain-Spot concrete 16 cm grey


Labyrinth Drain-Spot The Drain-Spot is a solid multifunctional object, made of high quality concrete. The surface is treated with a protective coating to increase durability and resistance to water a..

Out Of Stock

shower basket Brass 24,5 x 6 cm stainless steel silver


Kela Bathroom Brass shower basket A holder for soap and shampoo is an essential item in any bathroom. Brighten up your bathroom with this elegant shower basket from Kela and it will keep your things ..

Out Of Stock

shower basket Galant 20 x 15 cm stainless steel silver


Kela Badkamer Galant shower basket A holder for soap and shampoo is an indispensable item in every bathroom. Brighten up your bathroom with this elegant shower basket from Kela Badkamer and it will k..

Out Of Stock

shower basket Lucido 22,5 x 28,5 cm stainless steel silver


Kela Lucido shower basket A holder for soap and shampoo is an essential item in any bathroom. Brighten up your bathroom with this elegant shower basket from Kela Bathroom and it keeps your stuff well..

soap bag 100% durable jute light brown


This soap bag from Misomada is a handy storage bag to store and dry your favorite block of soap or shampoo. The soap bag is 100% natural and sustainable, eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Specification..

soap dish 13 x 9,5 x 2,5 cm bamboo grey/brown


Soap dish bamboo This beautiful, compact and oval shaped soap dish is ideal for your sink or kitchen counter. Because you can put your soap in the dish, you make sure that everything stays neat and t..

soap dish Capri 15 x 11 cm ceramic white


Wenko Capri soap dispenser This soap holder from Wenko cannot be missing in your bathroom. Forget about drilling holes between the tiles! The soap holder comes with a Vacuum-Loc® system so you can ea..

Out Of Stock

soap dish holder Cosmos 13 x 3 cm marble grey


Kela Badkamer Cosmos soap block holder Store your soap on this beautiful holder. It keeps your sink clean and you have a nice decoration as well. Because the eye wants something too. Specifications:..

Out Of Stock

soap dish holder Dark 11 x 3 cm black


Kela Dark soap block holder Give your soap a nice and permanent place with this stylish soap block holder from the Dark series. The holder is ideal for the bathroom to store your soap. The soap bar h..

Out Of Stock

soap dish holder Dune 16 x 9 cm stone grey/brown


Kela Badkamer Dune soap block holder Store your soap on this beautiful holder. It keeps your sink clean and you have a nice decoration as well. Because the eye wants something too. Specifications: C..

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