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Gas burners

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gas brazier Oxylaser 20 cm steel red/black


Oxyturbo Oxylaser gas brazing torch Start soldering equipped with this very practical gas soldering burner from Oxyturbo. The burner is ideal for "do-it-yourselfers" and for soft and hard soldering u..

gas brazing torch 16 x 11 cm steel/copper gold/silver


Oxyturbo gas brazing torch As a true lover of soldering, this gas soldering burner should definitely not be missing. The burner works very effective when soldering! Specifications: Colour: gold, sil..

gas burner 10,5 x 19,5 cm steel red/black


Oxyturbo gas burner With this steel gas burner from Oxyturbo you are perfectly equipped! You can use the gas burner for construction purposes, such as burning roofing membrane. A very multifunctional..

gas burner 60 cm steel chrome/black


Oxyturbo gas burner With this steel gas burner from Oxyturbo you are perfectly equipped! You can use the gas burner for example for renovation purposes, such as roofing membrane burner. A very multif..

gas burner 60 x 6 cm stainless steel silver


Toolland gas burner One handle with gas saving lever. The gas hose is included. Used for: waterproofing, asphalting, thawing pipes and soldering metal sheets. Specifications: Colour: silver Material..

Out Of Stock

gas burner cooker 1200 Watt blue


Kemper gas burner cooker This gas burner is a very popular cooker for travelling, backpacking or camping on the campsite. With its sturdy plastic housing and adjustable 1200 watt burner, it is an ide..

Out Of Stock

gas burner Tornado


Kemper Tornado gas burner This soft soldering lamp is equipped with a plastic holder and is equipped with a cartridge unlocking safety system. Equipped with a sturdy, rubberized, ergonomic handle for..

Out Of Stock

gas hose 3/8" 5 meter rubber orange


Oxyturbo gas hose This five meter long gas hose from Oxyturbo is a perfect accessory for your gas burner. The generous length makes the burner very friendly to handle! Specifications: Colour: orange..

Out Of Stock

handle gas burner 3/8" steel gold/black


Oxyturbo handle gas burner Make working with the gas burner more enjoyable with this ergonomic handle from Oxyturbo. From now on, the gas burner will lie perfectly in your hand, so that you will be f..

Out Of Stock

nozzle gas burner 22 mm steel gold


Oxyturbo nozzle gas burner This nozzle from Oxyturbo is perfect for your gas burner, for example for burning roofing. Make gas burning as user friendly as possible with this nozzle from Oxyturbo! Sp..

nozzle gas burner 28 x 2,5 cm steel gold


Oxyturbo nozzle gas burner Use this nozzle from Oxyturbo with your gas burner (not included) and you can still use the gas burner safely. The nozzle is ideal for burning your roofing membrane with yo..

Out Of Stock

pressure reducer 2,5 bar steel silver


Oxyturbo reducing valve This pressure reducing valve from Oxyturbo ensures that gas or liquid, supplied from a source with higher pressure, can be delivered to a user at a somewhat constant lower pre..

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