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Barbecues and accessories

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barbecue brush and scraper steel/wood brown 40 cm


Vaggan barbecue brush and scraper With this stainless steel brush and scraper you can Vaggankeep your barbecue clean all summer long. It's made of steel which makes sure you get everything off the ba..

Out Of Stock

barbecue brush stainless steel silver 40 cm


BBQ barbecue brush With this stainless steel brush from Vaggan you can keep your barbecue clean all summer long. It's made of steel to get everything off the barbecue. So you can bake on a clean plat..

Out Of Stock

barbecue gel cleaner 500 ml


Kinzo barbecue gel Thoroughly clean your barbecue, grill or oven with this BBQ gel. This gel removes stubborn fat deposits and burnt food residues and is suitable for barbecues, grills, ovens and bak..

Out Of Stock

barbecue on wheels 57 x 80 cm stainless steel black


Vaggan barbecue on wheels Grill a delicious hamburger or fry the juiciest sausages. The barbecue comes with a built-in thermometer. As soon as the sun is high in the sky, this barbecue will be your b..

Out Of Stock

barbecue on wheels with pizza stone 45 cm stainless steel black


Vaggan barbecue on wheels with pizza ring A neat round barbecue in black with a pizza stand, chrome-plated cooking grid, ashtray and adjustable air outlets. The barbecue has a diameter of 45 centimet..

Out Of Stock

barbecue set Pro 55 cm ceramic / stainless steel silver 3-piece


Yakiniku Pro barbecue set The combination of these accessories ensures that you can arrange your kamado flexibly and grill with indirect and direct zones. This combination also makes it possible to p..

Out Of Stock

barbecuepincet 30,5 x 1 x 1,5 cm stainless steel black


Yakiniku barbecuepincet The straight tweezers are used to remove cooked meat from the grill. These tweezers can be used both for the kamado and for the finer work on the Shichirin. The tweezers are m..

Out Of Stock

brush for barbecue cleaning 12 x 7 cm black


BBQ brush for barbecue cleaning Sand and brush the whole barbecue clean with this brush of BBQ! The brush has a handy handle, with which you can exert a lot of force to remove all burnt and unwanted ..

Out Of Stock

brush for barbecue cleaning 53 cm black


Vaggan brush for barbecue cleaning Keep your barbecue clean with this brushVaggan! Because of the long handle you can reach everything. Specifications: Gender: unisex Colour: black Material: steel L..

Out Of Stock

brush for barbecue cleaning wood 42 cm


BBQ brush for barbecue cleaning With this wooden brush you BBQkeep the barbecue completely clean. There is a handy loop on the brush so you can hang it on a hook. Specifications: Gender: unisex Colo..

Out Of Stock

charcoal barbecue 118 x 69 x 108 cm stainless steel black


BBQ charcoal barbecue This super nice barbecue will look great in your garden. Not only that, the barbecue is also functional, as it is made of double-walled metal, has a cooking area and can be easi..

Out Of Stock

charcoal Binchotan White Maitiew 5 kg black


Yakiniku Binchotan White Maitiew charcoal This Binchotan White Maitiew from Yakiniku has a carbon percentage of 96-98%. The charcoal bed can reach a temperature of 1000 to 1200 degrees Celsius. The t..

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