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Type fryer
Type of ashtray
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Type of kitchen roll holder
Type of kitchen textiles
Type of leaf pick-up
Type of lid
Type of light source
Type of mirror
Type of Number Recognition
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Type of pepper and salt mill
Type of pest control
Type of pillow
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Type of tray
Type of waste bin system
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Barbecue accessories

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ashtray 45 cm stainless steel/wood silver/brown


Yakiniku ashtray Those who already use a kamado know that grilling with charcoal gives the best results. Cleaning the kamado is of course important to keep the performance at its best. With the ash s..

Out Of Stock

barbeceu gloves Premium 33,5 cm cotton black 2 pieces


Rösle Premium barbecue gloves These are 100& flame retardant barbecue gloves from Rösle. The gloves are non-slip and have a cotton lining for extra comfort, which makes them breathable. The gloves ar..

Out Of Stock

barbecue attachment poultry 30 x 12 x 11 cm stainless steel silver


Rösle barbecue set-up poultry This barbecue attachment from Rösle is ideal for roasting poultry, such as chicken or duck. The attachment can be hung up to save space. The attachment is made of stainl..

Out Of Stock

barbecue Box pedestal with side table 82,5 cm stainless steel


Eva Solo undercarriage barbecue Box This stand with side table is an ideal addition to the Box gas barbecue from Eva Solo! Both parts are easy to attach and make your grilling experience a lot more f..

Out Of Stock

barbecue gloves 41,5 cm leather black/grey one-size


Rösle barbecue gloves These gloves from Rösle are perfect for quickly picking up the grill and bulding the coals. Even if your barbecue is on temperature, these gloves protect you from the heat and s..

Out Of Stock

barbecue gloves leather black size L/XL


everdure barbecue gloves These robust gloves provide optimum protection against the heat of your barbecue. The gloves are made of heat-resistant leather and can therefore withstand high temperatures...

Out Of Stock

barbecue insert poultry 30 x 12 cm stainless steel silver


Rösle barbecue-poultry This barbecue attachment from Rösle is ideal for roasting poultry, such as chicken or duck. The attachment can be hung up to save space. The insert is made of stainless steel a..

Out Of Stock

barbecue plank No. 1 wood/RVS natural/silver


Rösle No. 1 barbecue board This barbecue plank is easy to attach to your barbecue and gives you extra space to store and transport your stuff. Specifications: Colour: natural, silver Gender: unisex ..

Out Of Stock

carrier bag Cube 34,7 x 42,5 x 23 cm textile/leather black


everdure Cube carrier bag Would you like to be able to take your barbecue to friends or family quickly and easily? That is possible. With this stylish bag from everdure you can easily take your everd..

Out Of Stock

charcoal starter barbecue 19 cm stainless steel silver


Rösle charcoal starter With this robust charcoal starter, you can easily light your barbecue. Quickly prepare a quantity of glowing coals, which will then pass on their heat to the rest of the coals...

Out Of Stock

core thermometer digital 18 x 4,7 cm stainless steel silver/black


Rösle thermometer This thermometer is suitable for determining the ideal core temperature for five different types of meat. A second sensor measures grill or oven temperature. Specifications: Colour..

Out Of Stock

deflector barbecue 40 x 20 cm ceramic beige 2 pieces


Yakiniku deflector barbecue For a real master griller, a piece of burnt and dry meat is obviously a nightmare. With the heat deflectors from Yakiniku, you won't have to worry about that. By using thi..

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